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Business Success Tips – Simple Strategies to Improve Your Business

Posted on June 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

Every budding entrepreneur gets into the business arena with just one thing in mind – to deliver services and products and get paid for that. Their imagination runs wild and they see themselves flowing with enchanted customers, spiraling profits, a large workforce, signing large business deals, cutting a niche in their industry and living a balanced life owing to their business success. You agree that this is a big dream by any standards and it could be well realised if every aspect of it would come to pass. However, for many business people it remain just that – a dream and for others it becomes worse – a nightmare.

The difference between success and failure in business is usually such a thin line that many never get to know on which side of the line they are standing on until it is too late. Just like any game, there are rules which can make a business person’s dream come true if they are followed.

Develop internal networks

There is nothing that beats the power of networking in building a successful business whether big or small. Invest your time in discovering and building relationships with like minded people including advisors and mentors. This network comes in handy when you need any counsel or support of any kind.

Develop a customer base

It is the customers who makes or breaks your business and not the other way round. You need to travel in your mind and step in to the customer’s shoes to understand their needs and how they would like to be treated. If you put your resources and energy to satisfy your customers, then the issue of profits will take care of itself. Your goal is to serve your customers and they will ensure you are well taken care of.

Know yourself well

A successful entrepreneur is humble enough to know his/her strengths and weaknesses. This will give you a chance to know which areas of your business you are going to focus on developing. Being honest with yourself can only build you internally as you will know where to put your strength. Your business will respond automatically by growing exponentially.

Be flexible

Someone said the only permanent thing on earth is change. Many times your best plans don’t work out because things have actually changed and you may not be the one to be blamed. Adaptability on your part helps you to change without being too paralyzed with fear. Remember to be responsible: Response – Able. That is the ability to choose the right response every time.

It’s all about perspective

Every business has its own challenges. Like it has been said, it depends on your focus. Some people see a problem in every opportunity whereas others will see an opportunity in every problem. Business success comes from looking at both sides of every coin and deciding where you are going to put your resources and energy.

Work on improvement

Business success demands that you remember that the world is moving fast and you need to keep up with the times. Set apart time in the midst of your busy-ness to learn better ways of doing everything, including those things that are already working well for you, remembering that when growth stops then decay sets in.

Home Business Success Tip: Mindset

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Here is another home business success tip. Having a 98% mindset is key if you are looking to be successful with an online business. You have all heard the stat that 98% of people who start online businesses fail. This stat is completely true but also biased.

Many people that sign up for online businesses are not serious in the first place. They plan on doing an online business part time or for 1 hour on the weekends just to see if anything happens or “luck comes their way.” If you want to make it big with an online business, doing something “just for fun” or “just to try it out” is not going to cut it.

You need to be fully committed to work hard and try your best. You need to not be afraid of failing. You need to kick yourself in the butt to stay motivated and do whatever it takes for you to reach your income goal. You need to be a 2% successful inspiring leader.

If you’re treating your business like a hobby, you are not going to get very far. Something inspirational doesn’t just “click.” You need to make it “click” and push yourself to achieve your goals daily. The more challenges you overcome, the more confident you will be and then you will start seeing much better results.

Maybe this is your 1st online business or your 5th. If you are able to sell anything to anyone in the world, all you need to do is to stay motivated, stay plugged in and surround yourself with a great team. Surround yourself with others who will support you and help you stay motivated.

Join something with a great online community full of support and training and see yourself grow along with your bank account. I hope you enjoyed that short home business success tip about mindset. Go get that 98% mindset, stay plugged in and go out and be the best version of yourself.

– Lark Miller


Business Success Tip #53 – Time Management – Who’s Winning… You or Time?

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If you’re old enough you probably remember this act on the Ed Sullivan Show.

A man would come on stage. He would spin a whole bunch of plates on the end of a series of sticks. His main objective was to get as many plates spinning atop as many sticks as possible, and keep them that way.

He would begin by spinning one plate atop one stick. More and more plates were added to the spinning equation.

When one of the plates started to wobble… the man would scurry over and set it spinning smoothly once again.

What started out as a scurry ended up in a chaotic, mad dash from one spinning plate to the next to make sure that they did not crash to the ground. As the man attended to the “wobblers” he left all the other plates at risk. While all this action was taking place he would attempt to get even more plates spinning.

The act combined entertainment value, excitement, and high drama.

In your daily life you are faced with situation after situation that calls for you to keep your plates spinning. You may even get caught up in the excitement and drama of keeping all of your “plates” spinning rather than concentrating on the most valuable of your projects and priorities.

When so many expected and unexpected tasks are thrust upon you each day you have no choice but to handle these “projects” the best you know how. The best you know how is usually less productive than you would like.

As you get closer and closer to a state of overwhelm you fall back on the way you usually handle this bombardment.

Humans have a tendency at this point to focus on the plate that gives off the “I need attention” sign. Unfortunately some of the “plates” in your lives are more important or valuable than others. Still, you have a tendency to tackle the task that is staring you in the face. During these hectic moments when you sense that events are leaving your control, you revert to action-based habits that you acquired as you grew up. You scurry. You make mad dashes to protect or maintain a project.

How you manage your responsibilities today is probably not that different from the way you handled your responsibilities when you were younger. These action habits and the results they generate are directly tied to your productivity, or lack thereof.

I’m a firm believer that “winging it” in your attempt to be effective in project management or sales is what keeps you from being as effective as you know you can be. You probably lack a systematic approach to tackling the important tasks in your life.

I am pleased that so many of my clients have increased their effectiveness using the systems that I have shared with them. But, let’s face it… unless the new systems become your preferred action habit you’ll fall back on your “old way” of doing things.

Here is an example of one of the action habits to which I sometimes succumb when an overload begins to set in.

When I have a whole bunch of plates spinning at the same time and the “plates” begin to wobble I have a tendency to be drawn like a cartoon character to a computer game, or some other convenient device, that will keep me from addressing the important issues at hand. Basically, I could just ignore the plates.

To paraphrase an infamous saying from the 60’s… I could Tune Out, Turn Off and Drop Out. This is a decidedly unproductive approach to project management.

How much of your “vital” time is spent unproductive activities?

Do you spend valuable time on activities that are seemingly important… only to find that the time you spend on these “urgent” matters keeps you from performing tasks that are truly vital to the project at hand?

Here’s the business success tip – Make a distinction between those events in your life that are urgent and those that are vital.

You may be in the midst of an important assignment or responsibility and the phone rings. How comfortable are you allowing the phone to go unanswered?

You experience a sense of urgency. You’re being drawn to answer the phone.

You know that the call will be picked up by voice mail, yet you are compelled by some mysterious force to grab hold of the receiver, put it to your ear and say “hello.”

What would happen if you didn’t answer the phone? What if you kept doing what you really needed to be doing? What would happen if you could stay with the most important task until completion?

Here are a few questions to ponder as you prioritize your tasks. These questions are based on my system for clarifying your objectives entitled, “The Structure of Results.”

a) What’s important to you about completing the task? b) What will happen if you complete the task? c) What will happen if you don’t complete the task? d) What’s stopping you from completing the task?

Here is probably the best piece of time management coaching I have ever found. You might want to try it.

1. List your most vital tasks. 2. Prioritize these tasks. 3. Do them.

To your success

Copyright 2006 Ike Krieger